Our Brands

Èlitè Skin Perfection

Èlitè Skin Perfection is a combination of relaxation and skincare at its finest; it is an innovative beauty center that provides luxury facial services that houses the top-quality brands and services from its sister brands Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea and Botanifique.


Aqua Mineral From The Dead Sea

Based on the wonders of the Dead Sea, Aqua Mineral is a comprehensive skin and beauty care line created to promote the skin’s well-being and counteract the effects of aging. Aqua Mineral is a culmination of years of investment in research in the renowned minerals in the waters of the Dead Sea.

Combining ancient wisdom with advanced science, a comprehensive beauty care line was created to promote the skin’s health and counteract the effects of aging. The brand makes use of various patented technologies along with the natural healing and rejuvenating properties from Dead Sea minerals to make a powerful and innovative boost to traditional skincare solutions through carefully selected ingredients from sources all around the globe.



BotanifiqueTM embodies organic purity with time-honored traditions of harnessing the essence of organic matter in its purest form to create a line of products with potent formulations that intensely hydrates, soothes and heals the skin. The brand’s professional integrity is the driving force behind the decision to make use of only the highest quality ingredients and keep the natural composition of the resources as close to their original form as possible to ensure the product’s effectiveness.

Based on pure ingredients and fortified with Eco-Certified and natural patents, Botanifique utilizes a wide range of plants, oils, and fruit extracts to create the most natural solution to modern skincare.



It has years of experience creating, developing and marketing various products aimed at revolutionizing beauty from head to toe. Iconique is one of the world’s leading experts at beauty, providing easy-to-use and stress-free beauty products for various concerns. Since then, it’s constantly evolving to provide clients with the latest advances in the beauty realm- these devices use only the best of cutting-edge technology.