Our Story

Invested in the journey of exploration and having the idea of combining relaxation and skincare at its finest, we launched the Èlitè Skin Perfection providing the luxury facial treatment while inducing the power of our organic brands, Aqua Mineral, Botanifique and Iconique.


Wonders of the Dead Sea

By exploring the wonders of the Dead Sea, we are able to bring in the luxury cosmetic brand Aqua Mineral in the Philippines. Building trust by combining ancient wisdom with advanced science such as Renovage, Resistem and Tightenex technology to formulate only the best solution in counteracting the effects of aging.

Harnessing the Essence

Driven to keep the natural composition of the resources, Botanifique embodies organic purity with time-honored traditions of harnessing its essence to hydrate, soothe and heal the skin. It utilizes a wide range of plants, oils and fruit extracts making the products eco-certified.

Revolutionizing Beauty

In years of experience creating, developing and marketing various products aimed in completing beauty from head to toe, Iconique provides easy-to-use and stress-free beauty products for various concerns adding advancement to your beauty realm.

Our company, CosmetiGroup Int’l Corp, began making its history by researching, developing and creating only the best of beauty inspired by the beauty of nature, the home of every ingredient, that led to a commitment to make each and every product produced under its name live up to its standards and beliefs. Aiming to become the trusted and leading brand globally. We bring nature to your regimen and return as one with nature because we believe that beauty is around us.